Fun (and Temporary) Ways to Spruce up your Rented Space

Inhabiting a rental reduces your opportunities for self-expression – that is if you plan on getting your deposit back when you move out. However, the Landlord’s laws and rental rules don’t have to stand in the way of elevating your space into something special. Here are some non-permanent ways you can spruce up your rental:

1. Plants

Plants will not only add bright energy to your luxury apartment, but they will also humidify the air you breathe, which is good for your health. You will find a lot of different plants out there, some easy to maintain, like peace lilies and marble queen pothos, to tricky ones like the fiddle leaf fig. You can use YouTube, gardening books and websites, or your local plant shop to help you decide which is best for you.   A luxury apartment just isn’t complete without some greenery.

2. Hang up Your Favorite Art

You don’t have to drill holes into the wall to hang up your art. You can instead use clips, washi tape, tacks, or push pins to put up your art piece.

3. Change the Lights

A room’s lighting can make a big difference to how you experience it. Invest in exquisite lamps that can sit on end tables or nightstands and illuminate dark corners with floor lamps. Use plug-in under cabinet lighting to breathe new life into hidden areas while providing soft ambient light to the room as a whole.

At Fern Crossing, we will be offering a FREE accent wall color for each room. There are three custom colors to choose from!


According to a Trend Statistics report, there were more than 111 million apartment renters in the US. Personalizing yours will make it feel more like a home that is uniquely yours. Call us today if you need help adding some spice to your apartment.